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Teaching Continua places the teacher at the heart of their own development. Teaching skills are developed through shared understanding, professional dialogue and reflective practice. The process starts with all teachers completing an online Baseline Self-evaluation.

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The Teaching Continua Process

This brief video gives you a Whistle Stop Tour of how Teaching Continua works
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All teachers complete their on-line Self-evaluation which populates an interactive Colour Wheel Profile.

The Team Leader confirms the teacher’s Self-evaluation which then populates Team and School Data.

The school has two options to assess the progress of teachers. At a time of their choosing, they can either generate a ‘New’ Full Self-evaluation or create a Focused Learning Evaluation, both of which are pre-populated with the previous confirmed colours ready for teachers to update as set out below.

1. Full Pre-populated Self-evaluation Route

The school ensures teachers are developed in a variety of ways.

After an agreed period of time teachers can update any part of their previous Self-evaluation. The school simply generates a ‘New’ Self-evaluation which is automatically pre-populated with the colours of their most recently confirmed evaluation.

 Teachers can now consider where their professional development has led to progress and update their colours.

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2. Focused Learning Evaluation Route

The school selects Areas of Focus based on the school’s needs. (The product provides an overview of teams and school data to aid this). Teaching Continua automatically identifies the other ‘Linked Areas’ that are likely to improve because of the selected Focus.

Through professional dialogue, teachers agree the specific success criteria for Good and Excellent/Outstanding Practice. Team Leaders amend these on-line for all teachers to access.

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Start Again

The process can then begin again. The school has the choice of either the Self or Learning Evaluation route, according to its needs.

Over time the schools then builds a picture of how teaching has improved.

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